Early Case Assessment

Early Case Assessment Services Designed to Reduce the Costs of Discovery

WarRoom provides state-of-the-art document support to law firms and corporations making the document review process effortless

Many legal cases and corporate review processes involve a great deal of evidence and documentation. Reviewing this data is time consuming and difficult, especially when the documentation is spread across paper, digital and audio media.

Conducting Early Case Assessment, or ECA, is vital to the success and cost-effectiveness of any discovery process. WarRoom Document Solutions offers the comprehensive ECA service law firms and organizations need to manage the process of document intake and review.

Our ECA tool offers powerful functionality, including:

  • Searching: Sifting through a dearth of documentation to find specific data is an exercise in frustration. Without the ability to find key data efficiently, the process of discovery and research becomes far too time consuming and costly. Our powerful search function makes it possible to pinpoint specific data based on keywords quickly and effectively.
  • Filtering: In any document set containing multiple media and sources, redundancies in data are all but unavoidable. Filtering out duplicate and unrelated content is key to avoid wasted time and money during the document review process. Our proprietary filtering algorithms are designed to streamline the document gathering, review and organization processes.
  • Tagging: The process of tagging documents based on keywords, access and other criteria is key to organizational and data protection efforts. Our powerful tagging capabilities make it possible to organize documents based on your unique needs.


Cut costs, length of document discovery processes

Our ECA services are unparalleled in the industry and significantly minimize the man-hours and costs associated with large document review projects.

The return on investment related to our ECA services can be realized in many ways, including:

  • Reduced costs of discovery
  • Time saved by eliminating redundant document review
  • Increased usability of documents by culling content into manageable and actionable data sets
  • Increased security by tagging documentation as privileged or confidential
  • Enhanced preliminary insight into cases

Regardless of the number of sources or differences in documentation, WarRoom’s ECA services will streamline the document review process while keeping costs to a minimum.


Discuss your specific document review needs with WarRoom today

When approximately 70 percent of discovery costs are devoted to document review, culling, tagging and filtering documents through ECA is the most effective way to reduce expenses. To discuss your unique ECA needs, contact us at sales@warroomdoc.com.