Managing the Costs of Producing Data to Provide to Opposing Counsel

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Managing the costs of legal action of any size or scope is important to reducing the overall impact the proceedings have on your organization. While it may seem like a relatively minor expense in the overall scheme of things, the processes of data gathering and production offer viable opportunities for cost reduction.

Save costs on the production of large amounts of data

Data relating to complex legal cases is likely to range in size and format. When curating or producing these different data formats, the overall cost of the legal action can see significant increase. If handled correctly, however, the production of data to provide to opposing counsel can be kept to a minimum.

To effectively manage the costs of data production, consider these useful strategies:

  • Carefully complete the discovery process: The effective production of data to provide to opposing counsel begins with the discovery process. By ensuring that all pertinent data is gathered prior to production, you may be able to avoid multiple production costs.
  • Ensure accurate review of data: An accurate and comprehensive review of all data allows for effective organization of information. A thorough review also provides the opportunity to purge non-case essential data, which reduces the overall costs of production.
  • Consider producing a summary: If your data set is large or of diverse formats, it may be helpful to produce a thorough summary of the information. While it may still be necessary to produce the data for opposing counsel, a summary offers the opportunity to avoid the physical recreation of ALL data.
  • Select a review tool that allows you to conduct your own productions: Tools such as InControl allow the end user to identify documents to be produced and produce these documents from within the review tool. Many vendors offer this service at an additional cost, however this expense can all but be eliminated with the proper tool.  With InControl, users can select documents to be produced, bates number, select the agreed upon output format and send the production to opposing counsel.  The transfer of data is most often accomplished using a hard drive or optical disc, such as a CD or DVD. Depending upon the size and nature of your data set, alternate transfer methods may prove more cost-efficient.

By exploring these strategies, you may reduce costs while ensuring the effective gathering and review of key data.

Trust WarRoom Document Solutions to help you reduce production costs

WarRoom Document Solutions offers the specialized and flexible data gathering, review and production services you need to manage the costs of producing data sets for opposing counsel. Our proprietary software application, combined with our knowledge of effective forensic collection processes, allows us to manage the discovery process from start to finish, allowing your team to focus on planning your legal strategies.

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