WarRoom Document Solutions Launches New Website

WarRoom Document Solutions website

Boston, MA – WarRoom Document Solutions, a complete litigation support provider, announced today the launch of its new website, with exciting features that allow customers to better connect with WarRoom.

The new design is part of the company’s efforts to demystify the eDiscovery process and to provide full-service litigation support. Attractive artwork guides the customer through the litigation process and shows how WarRoom can assist at every step of the way, from data collection to production.

The new blog answers frequently asked customer questions, provides company updates, and discusses litigation news. A calendar showcases exciting local and national industry events. Links to social media make it easy to follow WarRoom on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. The 1-855-WarRoom number on the Home page automatically dials WarRoom, when clicked by customers on mobile devices.

About WarRoom Document Solutions

WarRoom Document Solutions is currently headquartered in Boston, MA, where we opened in 1999. In 2001, our Providence, RI location was opened and supported by the legal community with open arms. Between these strategically positioned locations, WarRoom is able to offer a level of service and turnaround time that is second to none.

Our Electronic Discovery department is efficient in processing sizeable projects locally for a faster more reliable turnaround.

WarRoom’s experience in supporting the legal process gives our clients the resources they need to succeed. From data collection, production and review, to courtroom presentation, we utilize the most current legal technologies available.

Whether you have a small color reproduction, or a litigation hold to be implemented with data collection, filtering, processing and hosting for review; WarRoom is here for you.


If you’d like more information about this topic, or to schedule an interview with Chris Bell or Chris Cavin, the owners of WarRoom Document Solutions, please call Catherine Cerasuolo at 1-855-WarRoom.