A Tale of Three Bindings


Whether you have an appellate brief, an appendix, or a corporate handbook, your print document is too big for staples and needs to be bound. Different courts have different requirements, but a three ring binder isn’t always the best binding solution.

Not all bindings are created equal. It can be difficult to know what you need unless you see it. We’re hoping the following photos will help you identify what you’re looking for. 1


GBCtophalfbest (1)
This type of binding is sometimes referred to as comb or spiral binding. GBC binds up to two inches of document. It lies flat when open, so GBC is perfect for documents that will be read frequently. Available in black and blue, in a variety of sizes


Velo is durable and required by some courts. It can accommodate larger documents (up to three inches thick), but it doesn’t allow the document to lie flat when open. Available in black and blue


Tape binding is good for filings, marketing booklets, and corporate publications. It is a clean and professional look, often requested by clients. Available in black, up to 1.5 inches

A Rainbow of Cover Choices

For GBC and velo binds, our most popular option is clear covers with black vinyl backs. We also stock red, yellow, green, blue, gray and white covers on 65 lb. cardstock. Additional colors are available upon request.

If you’re still not sure what you need, feel free to call us at 1-855-WarRoom. We can help you determine which binding would best meet your document needs.

1. Pictures feature sample covers provided by Mass.gov.