What is Litigation Support?

How to benefit from document support for legal cases

Preparing for trial is no easy task, and it’s quite common for even the most experienced litigation attorneys to get buried in paperwork relatively early in the process. This is where litigation support comes in to help ease the burden and ensure a streamlined approach to preparing for trial. In broad strokes, litigation support refers to the aid provided by an organization when it comes to collecting, processing, reviewing, and preparing documents for trial via computer systems.

The Basics of Litigation Support

It has been said that litigation support is the crossroads between technology and project management. Even though each case is unique, general standards applied to this collection and review process help to maintain the integrity of materials and to present them in an organized fashion. When done properly, litigation support directly contributes to an effective presentation for the client in court.

Litigation Support in a Modern Caseload

E-discovery is quickly becoming the common practice for courtrooms all over the United States, and the industry has evolved quickly to provide litigations with access to these services easily and quickly. Professionalism and experience in this arena are essential, which is why it’s so important for legal teams looking for the proper level of support to investigate options thoughtfully.

Litigation support involves four common stages to help today’s busy litigators maximize their resources and create compelling presentations of data:

  • Collection, which might be conducted on site or remotely. With the use of industry best practices, this process is forensically sound.
  • Processing, which takes the responsibility of massive data collection out of the hands of a litigator and allows for an experienced team to filter out materials and compile metadata.
  • Review, ensuring that all the collected data is accessible from anywhere online and easily searchable in an organized database.
  • Production, which could lead to prints, images, or more.

Choosing Litigation Support

Making a mistake in choosing a vendor for litigation support can cause serious issues, delays, and excessive costs. With your professional reputation on the line, litigation support is far too important a task to outsource to just anyone. Trust a provider focused on meeting your individual needs throughout the process, from start to finish. WarRoom Document Solutions is committed to providing top-notch customer service and fast turnaround time.

WarRoom Document Solutions is the nation’s leading litigation support solution. With two strategically-positioned office locations, they serve clients throughout the U.S. With more than 21 years of experience, they provide litigation support you can count on. Contact WarRoom at 1-855-WAROOM (927-7666), or online.

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